Soccer Resume

14 Jun

I was doing a bit of research yesterday and saw that most competitive players have a soccer “resume”.  At first I thought it was a little odd but then it started to make sense.  Before soccer was always something I did because it was fun, I never approached it as a job or career.  If I want to play professionally I need to change that mind-set.  So here is my soccer resume:

1994 – 1998    Select, Premier                 Position: Mid-Field

1995 – 1998    High School, Varsity       Position: Mid-Field (starter)

1996 – 1998    ODP, Seattle                     Position: Outside Mid-Field

1998 – 2000   Community College        Position: Center Mid-Field (starter)

1999 – 2000   Semi-Professional           Position: Outside Mid-Field (starter)

It was in 2000 that I decided to join the Air Force.  I hung up my boots (figuratively speaking) and did not play again until two years ago.  I started playing on a few indoor teams and eventually a co-ed outdoor team in the spring and fall.  Surprisingly it was as though I had not taken any time off at all.  In fact, I think I am a better player now then I ever was when I was younger.  I can think more clearly on the pitch instead of just reacting to whatever is going on.  I also pay attention to the position of my team mates and the opponent marking them and make plays based on that information.  When I was younger it was just raw and instinctive, now (for the most part) I can actually play the game with a strategy.

What I am worried about is this gaping 10 year gap in my resume.


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