And so we begin… D01

18 Jun

I spent the weekend getting my head wrapped around this endeavor.  The changes in routine, eating habits, sleep cycles.  It is a lot.

The first major change was my wake up time.  I usually get up at the absolute last minute, race through the shower and then out the door.  This morning I got up an hour earlier then usual and went for a two mile run.  It is amazing how hard running is to get back into, no matter how much or how little time off you have had.  Two years ago I found myself at an incredibly unhealthy 200 pounds.  I had quit triathlon, not played soccer in nearly 10 years and let my sweet tooth run rampant.  With a little help from my hubby I started playing soccer again, kept my eating in check and lost 40 pounds.  Gradually though, a few of those pounds have found their way back.  To combat this I started back to a regular running program about a month ago in an effort to take off some of the regained weight.  I began with two and three mile runs to work back into it.  Having not run with any type of consistency in a long, long  time made those first few runs pretty brutal.  But after three weeks I had started to get into a rhythm and even finished a five mile run in less than an hour.  Then last weekend I took a sharp shoulder to my ribs in a soccer tournament and had to take off the subsequent week.  Though my ribs would benefit from another week of rest I needed to get back to running for the sake of my determination.  So, like I said, I got up an hour earlier and headed out for my run.

Mile time: 12 min 34 sec


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