Playing Detective – D04

21 Jun

Super excited for this weekend!  I bought tickets to see the Colorado Rapids Women’s team play Los Angeles on Sunday.  I am going with the intent to really evaluate not only the skill set of the players but also their overall level of conditioning.  This should give me a fairly good idea of where I need to be next April.  They also play the other Denver team, Colorado Rush, on July 11th.  I am going to try to go to that game as well so I can see if one of the team’s playing style is better suited to my own.

The Western Conference of the W-League is fairly spread out.  The Pali Blues are completely dominating everyone else though both the Rush and the Rapids are doing well and in the middle of the pack.  Interestingly enough the Seattle Sounders are second in the league.  I tried out for their team the year it started.  Though I was playing semi-pro at the time there were so many highly talented players from the University of Washington trying out.  They played well together and off each other, it was difficult to find a way into their tight-knit group.  I did not show well at the tryouts and did not receive a call back.  It was not long after that I joined the Air Force and quit playing.

Hmm… I am feeling rather nostalgic at the moment.


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