Weekend Recap – D08

25 Jun

What a great weekend!  We went and saw the Colorado Rapids women’s team beat the LA Strikers 2-0.  Both goals came in the second half off fantastic plays where the forward took the ball down to the goal line and then crosses it back in front of the goal.  Each time all the other player had to do was tap it in, really awesome team work.  The only disappointing thing was that they did not get to play in the stadium, they played on a training field with no stands.  I felt bad for them.

Women’s soccer, for that matter any women’s sport, is tragically unsupported both by their fans and by their organizations.  Soccer, in the United States, is the most played sport by children, especially young girls.  Yet it is quite possibly the least supported professional sport.  Do not get me wrong, I recognize that women’s sports are not as popular as men’s.  I also realize that women have to get out and fill the stands for women athletes.  I was just so disappointed that they were not even allowed to play on the stadium’s pitch.  Granted it is probably to expensive to open up the stadium, staff someone at the entrance and turn on the lights but it was such a bummer to see these women work so hard and receive so little recognition.  We gladly paid the $7 admission but could have set up camp in the shade of some trees right next to the pitch just outside the fence and probably been more comfortable.

I remember in high school, my senior year, the boy’s football C-team was scheduled to practice on the field in the school’s stadium on Thursday nights.  Typically varsity women’s soccer games were played on Thursday nights under the lights.  The school rescheduled us for Thursday afternoons on the practice fields!  It was so disheartening to be treated that way.  We had competed in the State tournament the year before and were favored to earn a berth again that year but a C-team football practice was deemed more important than a women’s varsity soccer game.  Fortunately we had a great parent fan base and we were able to reverse the school’s decision.


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