Grass Roots Promotion – D09

26 Jun

I have really been thinking about this past weekend and the post from yesterday.  Does anyone remember the 1999 women’s national soccer team?  They won the Women’s World Cup with 90,000 people in attendance (the largest ever for a women’s sporting event and one of the largest attendances in the world for a tournament game final).  What was so unique about that team was their marketing strategy.  The tournament’s organizers took a risk when they did not hold the event in medium-sized stadiums.  Instead, they went large and national and they aimed their ticket sales towards soccer-playing children.  The women’s team went out and hosted day camps, they visited teams during their practices, attended youth-league soccer tournaments, all-star banquets and youth soccer conventions from coast to coast.  They reached, out on a grass-roots level, to young players and consequently their parents.

It was a successful marketing strategy because those women were tangible role models.  Look at a picture of the stands at any one of those games.  They are filled with little girls wearing the replica jersey they had signed by one (or many) of the players on the team.  They knew the players and therefore they went and cheered them on.

That is what women’s soccer has to get back to.  Their fans.


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