Oops… D10 & 11

28 Jun

Wow, yesterday totally got away from me!  I finally was laying down at 11:30pm to go to sleep and realized I did not write a post even though I had some fantastic news to report about my run.

I ran my first three mile run with descending mile splits!  It was really hard but also made me feel fantastic when I finished.  My first mile was 12:13 (pretty on pace with what I have been doing lately), second was 12:10, and my third was 12:06 for a combined time of 36:19.  I run the same out and back course which is mostly down hill for the first mile, up and down on the second and then back up the hill for the third.  Usually that last mile back really slows me down, almost by a solid minute.  I did the same out and back on Saturday and my time was 38:29.  But not yesterday!

It was such a rude awakening to have to shuffle through my two mile recovery run this morning and clock a very unimpressive 26:24.  Though I am beginning to figure out that there are now four things I am going to have to change about myself to get to my goal.



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