Week’s Thoughts – D12

29 Jun

I believe we have had a break through…

06/29/12 – Morning Run

Thank you Unknown Runner for crossing my path this morning, for having a slightly slower pace than mine and for speeding up as I made to pass you.

Thank you Linkin Park for queuing up in my shuffle at exactly the same moment as I saw aforementioned runner.

Thank you Husband for getting my a** out of bed even though you knew it would more than likely mean you would have to bear the wrath of my grumpy “I am not ready to wake up” mood.

I owe you all a debt of gratitude for making this incredible morning run a reality.  Without you I would not be on the endorphin laden high that permeates my entire being and makes the twinge in my right knee and strain in my left glute feel like butterfly kisses.  I am where I am because you three made it all possible.

Here is the funny thing, I know I can run faster than I have been but getting there has been a struggle.  I just needed a little competition (imagine that) to push me into working harder.  On that note, here are my stats for the week:

Morning coffee:  5 / 5  (not quite ready to start nixing this)

Sugar laden scone:  0 / 5  (this one is done)

Afternoon soda:  2 / 5  (getting better)

Morning run:  4 / 5  (great week)

Miles:  11 – average mile was 12:34  (rockin’ week)

Indoor soccer games:  3  (1 W / 2 L – 2 goals)

Outdoor soccer games: 1 (0 W / 1 L – 0 goals)

Stretching:  1 / 5  (REALLY need to improve this one)


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