Day Sixteen

3 Jul

Another great morning run.  Slightly slower than my 3M break through time last week but not far off – and no carrot for this run!  I did not get in my stretches though and I can feel it now, have got to find a way to build that into my morning.

Going to a SoccerFit class tonight and then I have an indoor game following that.  Maybe I will try to work the stretches in after my game.  I wonder though how useful it is to stretch in the evening versus the morning?  It seems like it would be more beneficial to stretch in the morning.  But perhaps anytime I can fit it in is better than not at all.  Note to self: look into this.

On an extremely negative note I have not dropped any weight since I started running six weeks ago.  I only took one week off (for the rib injury) and have not increased my food intake.  If anything I have cleaned up my food substantially!  Moons ago I used a program called BodyBugg to monitor my food calories in and my exercise calories out.  It was an excellent program but ultimately I gave it up because 1) I had lost the weight I wanted to and 2) it was sort of a hassle to wear the Bugg and journal all my food.  I am wondering though if it might be a good idea to dust it off and do a two or three-week trial to see where I am.


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