Week’s Thoughts – D19

6 Jul

Okay – I have a confession to make.  But let me set it up first:

My wonderful husband got up with me this morning (I was about to reset the alarm) and went for my morning run with me.  Such a sweet and amazingly thoughtful gesture.  Of course I was a little crabby because I had already got it in my head that I was going to sleep in an extra hour.  None the less, I was grateful for his determination and we headed out together.

Here is my confession: I wish he would have stayed home.

I am an absolutely horrible person for saying that!  But it is the truth and where else can I be honest but on this blog?  Here is the thing: I am a dragon in the morning – breath, mood and all.  I loath waking up and usually slog around in a daze.  He is a morning person, of course because opposites attract.  I like my quiet morning routine.  I like to slowly emerge from my mental fog.  I like to listen to my music and contemplate my day.  But as we set out on our run together he is all Mr. Chatty-Kathy McShuffleson over there.  It was a painfully slow run (for so many reasons) and I did not enjoy a moment of it.  By the time we got back he was in a foul mood because I was not a good conversationalist.  It was just bad all around.


Note to Self: Just get up when the alarm goes off and go for your run!

Week’s Stats

Morning coffee:  1 / 5  (started drinking iced tea – not sure it’s a good switch)

Afternoon soda:  2 / 5  (getting better)

Morning run:  4 / 5  (going for 5 next week)

Miles:  14 – average mile was 12:26  (getting faster)

Indoor soccer games:  1 (0 W / 1 L – 1 goal)

Extra workouts: 2 (1 Soccerfit & 1 Cross Training at Gym)

Stretching:  3 / 5  (can already feel the difference)


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