Focus – D22

9 Jul

Just wanted to throw out a well-earned congratulations to the women’s Colorado Rapids for their 1-0 victory over the Seattle Sounders on June 30.  This is such a great shot of Rapid’s keeper Lauren Robertson making a fantastic save.

On my own front I find myself beginning to lack the necessary motivation to keep this thing churning along.  It seems silly to me to be at this stage when I am barely three weeks into my endeavor.  I am not sure if I am just having a low day or if I am really losing my desire.  One of the contributing factors is my inability to budge my weight on the scale.  I know I should be looking at my running times and how I feel during a soccer game but that stupid number on the scale just seems to plague me.

On a more positive note I am experiencing confirmation for starting this blog.  When I first began thinking about taking on this challenge I knew there would be times when I felt like giving up.  The daily accountability of posting keeps my efforts at the front of my mind.  It also gives me a place to analyze what is happening each day and how I feel about it without turning into a pity party like a journal or diary often does.


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