Goal Setting – D30

17 Jul

Been feeling a little overwhelmed with this whole “life change” again.  Can not seem to get my head around how to manage all that I need to in the time that I have.  Found a great article on setting goals, here’s an excerpt:

Setting Goals: Long and Short Term

6 Steps to Creating Achievable Goals:

With every goal you must follow the 6 P’s:

Prioritize: You may have several goals. Prioritize them on your list.

Positive: Use positive language. “I will …”, “I’ll be…”, “I’ll have…”

Precision: Be precise.

Performance: Measure your performance, set time for starting and completing your goal.

Practical: Make your goals practical.

Personal: Is this goal a personal goal or someone else’s desire for you?

Time management is easier when you can motivate yourself and judge the value of your time. If your goals are based on someone else’s desires (if your mate wants you to work in a steady job but you want to be self-employed) you will find it difficult to manage your time due to lack of motivation.

Going to work on setting my goals tonight.  Will post in the morning.


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