Biofeedback – D32

19 Jul

Amazing what a little knowledge can do…

The Anser

Biofeedback rules!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was considering getting back on the bodybugg program.  Well I ordered and received the system last week and got it all set up.  I have been using it this week and already dropped a few pounds!  It is amazing what you can do with the right information.  Here I was thinking that I had really cleaned up my food.  Ha ha, jokes on me.

One of my biggest changes was to cut out my morning coffee and substitute it with iced tea.  Well the tea I had been drinking was over 400 calories compared to my coffee which was only 150 calories.  Oops…

Another one:  It would stand to reason that if you went for a decent run in the morning then you should be able to down a few extra snacks during the day, right?  WRONG

My caloric burn is somewhere between 2000 and 2500 each day.  That is with a run in the morning and a soccer game in the evening.  Unfortunately my job requires I sit most of the day so I am barely burning any calories during a large chunk of my waking hours.  To lose two pounds a week you have to consume 6000 calories less than you burn, that is a deficit of 1000 per day!  On an average day I should only be eating around 1000 to 15000 calories.  If I indulge in just one blended coffee beverage from Starbucks in addition to the food I typically consume then I have totally blown my calorie balance.  Or in the instance of my iced tea, I was consuming anywhere from a third to half my calories by drinking it but my body was receiving absolutely ZERO nutritional value from it.

That saying “knowledge is power” has never rang more true.


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