Rough Soccer Weekend – D36

23 Jul

It is safe to say both my teams got our “you know whats” handed to us this weekend, it was a rough go.

Women’s Competitive

Sat 8:00 am Lost 1 – 2

Sat 10:30 am Lost 0 – 2

Sun 8:00 am Lost 0 – 3

Sun 10:30 am Lost 2 – 4


Sat 11:45 am Won 1 – 0

Sat 2:30 pm Lost 0 – 3

Sun 9:15 am Lost 1 – 3

Sun 11:45 am Lost 1 – 2

On a positive note my body held up pretty well even with the daunting schedule and 100 degree temperatures.  I am exhausted this morning and was fairly incoherent both Saturday and Sunday night but I am moving around pretty well and other than a colorful bruise on my right quad and shin I am injury free.

Speaking of the bruise on my quad, I have been using Capzasin-HP cream on it and can not even begin to express how awesome I think that stuff is!  In my 10:30 am women’s game on Saturday some girl rammed her knee into my lower quad, she got me right above my knee on the outside of the muscle.  It really hurt.  I kept it mobile for the rest of the day and was able to continue playing but by that evening I had to move my leg around by lifting it with my pant leg.  I was worried I would be out for the games on Sunday.  For once, I heeded my mother’s advice and kept ice on it for twenty minutes every hour and before I went to bed I rubbed a mixture of Lubriderm and Capzasin on it.  (I can not use the Capzasin full strength, it burns!) The next morning it was stiff and sore but it did not hurt to bend and lift my leg and I was able to play all four games without it affecting how I played.  That stuff rocks!


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