Day Fourty

27 Jul

It has been a really good soccer week, not a great running week, but a really good soccer week.

Tuesday Night

Started with a SoccerFit class at 6:30pm.  We did some quick touches to warm up and then worked on touching and passing in small spaces.  I really enjoyed the passing portion as I tend to pass much more than I hang onto the ball.  Granted I need to work on keeping the ball but I enjoyed getting to practice my passing for a change.

Jumped in my car after the class and skedattled down to my 8:00pm women’s indoor game.  I was worried that I would be sucking wind the whole game but even though I was tired I was able to keep up with the pace of play.  For once the game did not speed by around me, I was able to slow it down my head and keep up with my feet.  Had a right place/right time goal early in the game when one of the girls on my team brought the ball down the left side and then crossed it back in front of the goal.  The keeper was trying to track back in front of me but I got my foot solidly on it and put it away.  And then earned a sweet goal when I brought the ball up the right side, passed to my player in the corner, she popped it up just outside the box for me, I controlled it with a chest trap (and partial chin trap, lol) then volleyed it in with my left foot.  It was one of the goals that everything goes right for.  I rarely score more than one goal in a game and never have scored the first two!  We won 6-4 and it felt like my two goals helped set our tempo for the game.

Grabbed a bite to eat with the hubby then back to the stadium for my 9:30pm game.  I play in two leagues on Tuesday nights.  A competitive league (the 8pm game) and an intermediate league (the 9:30pm game).  The intermediate league is just for fun and extra practice.  Most of the women in the league are older and play for fitness so I try to not go in hard for 50/50 balls or take rocket shots from far out.  I did, however, score a very pretty goal to help lift my team to a 4-2 win.  I received the ball about mid field and brought it into the goal box, passed it to the wall just outside the goal (totally by accident – I meant to get more power on it and better accuracy) it bounced back to me right in front of the goal but just far enough away from the keeper that I was able to place it on the far post with a pass off the inside of my foot.

Wednesday Night

Again, I play in two leagues on Wednesday night; competitive and intermediate.  My first game was with my competitive team and was tough for a number of reasons.  1) We only had one sub for our guys and no subs for the girls.  2) Three of us played in the tournament over the weekend.  3) The other team had six subs and ran them continually.  We battled but unfortunately lost 2-4.  I did not feel as good as I did on Tuesday but I ran when I could and got back on defense almost every time.

The second game was supposed to be for “fun and practice” but was more intense than my first.  The other team went in extremely hard on 50/50 balls and had one of the luckiest (or talented but I am leaning more toward lucky) goal keepers I have ever seen.  We had an unbelieveable number of shots on goal and each one he miraculously saved.  We also dominated control of the ball but unfortunately we lost 6-8.

Both games, though we lost, were solid and competitive.  I really like when the score is tight and you have to battle for the win.  In both cases we did not quite have enough to pull it out but we fought hard.

Thursday Night

This is my fun night, I play in an over 30 co-ed indoor league that is pretty laid back.  The team in mostly hispanic and I try (futilely sometimes) to practice my limited spanish.  We were playing for the league championship and everything came together just right.  Got a cool t-shirt for the effort!  Perfect end to the week.


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