Girl Scouts – D44

31 Jul

I quite possibly had the most fun in my entire life yesterday.

That is a pretty big statement, yeah?

My sister-in-law invited me to speak at my niece’s Girl Scout troupe meeting about professional sports for women.  They started their meeting with the Girl Scout Promise which I vaguely recalled from my own days as a Brownie.  Okay, all I could remember was that you held up three fingers and started by saying “On my honor…” but the rest was lost to me.  It was awesome to watch those little girls recite the Promise, I did my best but they had it memorized.  They took care of their troupe business and then the leader-mom asked my niece to introduce me.  My niece is really shy and she did not know exactly what to do so she gave her mom that sideways “oh gwad, please help me” look.  My sister-in-law quietly told her what to say and she repeated it to the group, it was adorable.

I first asked them their names and what sports they liked to play.  One little girl, who happens to be my niece’s best friend, said she played soccer.  The rest said things like gymnastics, dance, tennis, I dunno know, etc.  I told them about how I started playing soccer at their age on rec teams and how I eventually tried out for a select team.  Then about high school, college and eventually semi-pro.  I briefly mentioned my aspirations for next year which they all thought was pretty cool.  We talked about how to prepare your body for professional sports and finally went outside and I showed them some soccer drills they could do at home by themselves and with a friend.  One girl said to me afterwards that she had a lot of fun and wanted to try playing soccer now, it was the highlight of my evening.

Then the girls had a snack before they finished off their meeting with the Friendship Circle and Make New Friends song.  I can not even begin to describe that moment, I finally understood what the phrase “flood gates” truly meant.  We are standing there with our hands crossed doing the little squeeze thing (which I had no recollection of) and then they started singing and I totally remembered the song!  It was hilarious.  It brought such a smile to my face and filled me with my own memories of being a Girl Scout.

I called my mom afterwards and gushed about it, I think she got a kick out it too.


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