Fastidious – D50

6 Aug

My boss told me today that her word for me is fastidious. I am not quite sure how to take that…



1. Possessing or displaying careful, meticulous attention to detail
2. Difficult to please; exacting
3. Excessively scrupulous or sensitive, especially in matters of taste or propriety
4. Having complicated nutritional requirements (Microbiology)
5. Very critical
6. Excessively particular about details
7. Exceedingly delicate; easily disgusted


I would absolutely agree with #1 and I am hoping (praying actually) that this is her definition as well. I can honestly tell you that my husband would say (and I agree with him 100 percent) #2, #5 and #6 are accurate definitions of me. #3, #4 and #7 not so much.

It is interesting to find yourself summarized in one word… Fastidious is neither flattering nor defamatory. I acknowledge that it is accurate but I am not sure how to feel about it yet. I wonder, could you summarize yourself with one word?


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