Hunger Monster – D51

7 Aug

I have got one major complaint with biofeedback…  There is no way to factor in the little voice in the back of your head that is convinced the machine is LYING.

liar, liar, pants on fire

My BodyBugg said “hey, you rocked it yesterday” while my body screamed “FEED ME DAMNIT”.  I went for my run in the morning but unfortunately my job is very sedentary thus my calories burned is painfully low.  Maintaining my 1000 deficit puts me at 1400 calories consumed.  Heck, I can consume 1400 calories in less than thirty minutes, forget trying to spread them out over a full day.  I drank well over eighty ounces of water throughout the day (and peed every hour it seemed) in an effort to stave off the hunger monster but it was a brutal fight.  I did not sleep well because I was so hungry and therefore waking up for my run this morning was excruciating.

My question is, who do I listen to?  The feedback my own body is giving me or the machine?


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