Beeches (sic) – D52

8 Aug

I have just about had it with women soccer players.

Last night my intermediate women’s indoor team played at 11:15pm.  The fact that the game was at 11:15pm is reason enough to take it easy and just play for fun.  Then there is the caliber of players that is typical for the league, which equals not very talented.  We have one player on our team who has never played before and is just super excited to be out on the field getting some exercise and learning how to play.  There is also the mercy rule.  I do not care who you are, what sport you play, or what you have to prove; when you are absolutely obliterating another team you do not play like you are in the World Cup final.  In soccer you back off, slow down the pace and start working on passing/controlling the ball.  Apparently this team we played last night did not get the memo.

Within the first ten minutes they had a 6-0 lead.  That should be indication enough that it is time to back off the throttle.  The fact that over half our team has limited or no ball control skills (forget passing with accuracy) should have clued them in that they did not need to run over them every chance they got.  And yet play after play they felt it necessary to bolster their flimsy egos by taking the ball away from our less talented players.  I mean, if you want to go after me and play hard?  More power to you, give it a try, I need the challenge.  But step off a player who is struggling to just control and pass the ball.  Give them an opportunity to handle the ball and attempt to make a play before running them down.  In my mind, the elation that player will feel far exceeds any boost my ego might get for snatching the ball away when they do not control it perfectly.  Now, in the competitive league, it is all fair game.  You take a bad touch on the ball I am going to make you pay for your mistake.  But that is the competitive league, it is appropriate there and expected.  In this league I just really enjoy watching a player work hard to make a play and I know how good they feel when they do it.  If my team is winning or not.

Then we come to halftime, at this point the referee has stopped keeping track of their goals.  Fortunately he recognized the lopsidedness of the game and made calls to protect our players.  In fact, I owe him a giant hug for being so classy about it.  When they would cry about a call being unfair he would explain to them how they were not playing good soccer but hacking at our player’s feet.  He actually told one girl after a call, loud enough for the whole pitch to hear, that she was wildly swinging her leg and foot without control or intent to connect with the ball.  I wanted to kiss him right then and there.

By the end of the game I was so ticked off I could hardly stop myself from punching each of them in the face while we shook hands.  But I kept telling myself that a team which behaves as poorly as they just have is really only trying to prove how big of b*tches they truly are.

Congratulations, you succeeded.


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