12:35 – D53

9 Aug

I feel like a little kid waiting eagerly in bed on Christmas morning.  Knowing that something wonderful is waiting for me, if only it were time.

That is how excited I am for the women’s soccer gold medal match between Japan and USA.


I am exhausted!  I did nothing except sit on the edge of my chair but my heart raced while watching them.  It was a stunning victory!!!

One image I want to always remember is this one of Abby Wambach in the 80th minute.  (I apologize, it is a little grainy, but I took it of my computer screen with my phone.)  Look at her!  She is exhausted.  She just got fouled horribly from behind while executing a beautiful jumping chest trap.  I can only imagine the thoughts she is having as she gathers herself and prepares to finish the final ten minutes of the match.  She has scored in every game leading up to this one, such pressure she must be feeling.  They only lead by one goal.  They just won their semi final game by scoring in the last minute of stoppage time.  She is the picture of fitness and determination, of resilience and spirit.  I have a total girl crush on her!!!  (shh, you can not tell Husband!)

I am thinking about blowing this image up and hanging it over my bed.  Every time I want to sleep an extra thirty or forty minutes instead of going for my run I need only to look at her in this moment and remind myself that she has probably never chosen to sleep in over going for a run.  I am inspired by her effort, I want to hold this feeling inside me and use it to fuel myself until next April.

Congratulations to all the women on the 2012 Olympic team.

Your victory was well earned.


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