Great Posts – D66

22 Aug

I love when I find someone out in the digital world that is thinking the very same things I am.  This post, featured on Freshly Pressed, is one of the best I have read in a while.  Mostly because this woman so eloquently echoed my own thoughts.

Things I Have Learned From Running.

Freshly Pressed is a great way to find awesome posts and, with a little additional reading, great blogs.  Another post, feature on Freshly Pressed, lead to finding this amazing blog: MarriedToAnAlcoholic.  I do not know anything about alcoholism but I find myself thinking about this woman and her own journey through her husband’s rehabilitation.  I check in with her blog every so often and find myself enveloped by her writing.

That is what I love about blogging!  In a world so large and vast and populated it is difficult to find someone and have a twin-thought in the “traditional” manner or to hear someone’s story even though you have never met.  I am not on Facebook* or Twitter** but I love reading blogs.  I keep my own blog because it forces me to be accountable each day for this goal I have set.  It keeps me focused on the end result and helps me plan my path to achieving it.  Without it I honestly feel I would have already given up.


* I teach night classes at a community college and do not want to deal with “friend requests” from students.

** I fail to understand the concept of Twitter for non-celebrities.  I really do not think I am intriguing enough for followers.


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