I am… – D72

28 Aug

It has been a challenging few days.  I had a great run and an amazing soccer game followed by one of my lowest days coupled with extreme exhaustion.  When I am tired, I eat.  I shut down the rational thoughts in my head and listen to my self-doubt.  When that self-doubt kicks in I eat (to try) to shut it up.

Cause you can not talk when your mouth is full, right?

I know that eating does not solve the problems of self-doubt.  I know it will not make me feel better; in fact, I always end up regretting it.  Often times I can hear the rational side trying to tell me to stop but I chose to ignore it.

That is the thing, I chose to ignore it.  I hear it loud and clear but instead of listening to the rational side of my being I chose to listen to that b*tch who keeps telling me that I am destined to fail.


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