… my own… – D73

29 Aug

Yesterday was an odd one.  If I could only play you a song to explain where my head is at it would be Audience of One by Rise Against.  In it he sings this verse:

We are all okay, until the day we are not. 

The surface shines, while the inside rots.

It is such a powerful statement and so apropos to my current state of mind.  I have not been in a slump like this in quite some time.  Writing about it definitely helps me analyze what is going on but it is not helping me find my way out of it.  I am tired and grumpy and foggy and in pain and hungry oh and did I mention tired?  So freaking tired.

I feel like I have spent most of this week under my own little grey rain cloud.

Where the h*ll is my silver lining?


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