… worst enemy. – D74

30 Aug

This is me trying to find some way to resolve this little grey rain cloud that has been hanging over my head all week:

I am tired of being tired.  As long as I can remember I have never woken up and felt “ready to take on the day”.  It is usually an hour or so before my brain kicks in and I usually spend that time grumpy and introverted (poor Husband).  When I was younger my parents wrote it off to being a teenage.  In my twenties I wrote it off to staying up late.  But now, in my thirties, what do I write it off to?  In recent years the first hour of my day now includes head to toe body aches that really do not go away but subside and become less noticeable.  That is not normal.  Is it?

What if it is chronic fatigue syndrome?

One of my soccer heroes, Michelle Akers, suffers from this.  Her battle came to light in the Rose Bowl stadium, to exhausted to stand with her team mates and celebrate their 1999 World Cup victory so she sat on the pitch.  This is one of those “by elimination” diagnoses.  There is no test that can be done to tell you exactly what is going on in your body, though there are a multitude of tests they can run to eliminate other issues.

What if it is fibromyalgia?

Quite honestly this one fits the bill as far as symptoms go, with the exception of numbness, but everything else is there.  But much like CFS there are no scientific measures, such as laboratory tests or X-rays, that “prove” you have fibromyalgia.

What if it is hypothyroidism?

My sister suffers from this.  She is a professional athlete and has a slew of resources at her disposal.  I do not think she would have know about it if not for her elite status.  Fortunately this is the easiest one to diagnose (or eliminate), blood tests are used to confirm/dispel suspicions.  What I have learned about hypothyroidism is that it is genetic so if my sister has it there is a higher possibility of me having it too.

But what if I am just being a hypochondriac today?


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