Pain in the butt (literally) – D81

6 Sep

Back in July I wrote about this annoying pain in my glute.  It is in such a random spot!  I am blushing slightly as I try to explain the location…   Okay… um… put your hand on your butt.  I know, I know!  But bear with me for a moment.  If you do a full spread palm smack on your tush then your ring finger would point to my area of injury.  It is on the inside of the gluteus maximus not the outside (which makes it very difficult to stretch or massage).  Does that make sense?

Oh bother…  here is a picture instead:

Thinking back, I have had this injury since April or earlier (maybe even the beginning of the year).  I can not seem to pin point exactly when it started but I remember it getting really bad and thinking maybe it had something to do with the way I sat at my desk when I was working.  That was some time in March or April because we still had the intern and she helped me move my computer.  The pain has ranged on a scale from two to eight depending on various factors.

Things that seem to really aggravate it:

1) my most favorite sleep position

This is one is heart breaking.  I LOVE to sleep on my right side with that leg fully extended, I then wedge my other leg up and over so that my knee is tucked under my torso.  It is a combination of side and stomach sleeping.  Try it.  No, I mean literally – lay on your side and try it.  Feel that pull across your glute?  Yeah, me too.

I find if I sleep like this most of the night the next day I spend wishing I had not.

2) a particularly vigorous soccer match

Some games are just more intense than others and after ones where I have played most of the match or ran really hard I find the next day is spent nursing the muscle.  I also notice it more if I took a lot of shots or received more leading passes where I had to extend and reach for the ball mid stride.

3) sitting cross-legged on an angle

This one has to do with my allergies and needing to drain my sinuses.  Weird, right?  I do not know about anyone else in the world but when I get congested it only happens in one nostril.  Over time the pressure on one side gets annoying while the wind tunnel on the other dries out.  To rectify, I will often adjust my posture so that I am sitting on an angle and that will help my sinuses drain from one side to the other.  However, sitting like this often leads to the muscle feeling strained.

I am writing about this because today the pain has moved toward a nine.  I slept really hard last night and probably ended up in #1 because I was so out of it I forgot to correct my sleeping position.  I slept really hard because I had two intense soccer matches Wednesday night and went for a run in between (cause my lazy *ss did not get up that morning).  It is also the end of summer and my allergies often flare up this time of year.

Being three for three on the aggravation-o-meter equals one very sore tushie (another word from my mother).

Husband is like “just go see the doctor”…  Me thinks “yeah okay, but that is a pretty private zone”…


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