The List – D82

7 Sep

Oh thank goodness it is Friday!  This week totally kicked my *ss but fortunately, in a few short hours, it will be over.

Cristiano Ronaldo is back in the news, he is sad.

Come here, honey.  I can make you smile…

Quite honestly, I am not his biggest fan.  Though I do think he is a fantastically talented player, the drama that surrounds him can be a little off-putting.  But the sheer beauty of this man is enough to put him on the list.  Oh come on, you know you have one.  Husband has Sarah Michelle Gellar on the top of his, can not say I blame him, she is gorgeous.

If the opportunity ever did present itself I would probably pass though.  Maybe that is self-righteous of me to say… but seriously the guy is world-famous, has gaggles of beautiful women at his beck and call and knows it.  I just do not think he would be the mind-blowing experience I would expect from someone on the list.


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