Something Stupid – D86

11 Sep

I have this thing with injuring my feet…

Sunday, while preparing snacks for the Bronco’s game, I carelessly brushed past the 2×6 leaning against the wall in our kitchen (more on why we have a 2×6 in the kitchen in a future post).  I heard the board start to slide along the wall and turned to try to catch it.  As I had tasties in my hands I made the incredibly stupid decision to try and prevent the board from crashing to the floor by catching it with my foot, like I am some kind of monkey or something.


As I writhed in agony on the floor poor Husband could not figure out what I had done.  I hurt so badly the only coherent words I could manage were “OH MY GWAD” and “BROKEN” in between gasps for breath.  We finally were able to move past my blathering and decided no, it was not broken but yes, we should start icing right away.  (see Ma, I do listen to you)  Now my foot is a sickly shade of blue and I have this red dot on the top of it where the board crashed down.  But hey, there is not a scratch on my tile!

Last year I suffered a more colorful injury on the pitch:

During a blow out indoor match (my team was taking the beating) I got a rare opportunity in front of the goal.  I attempted to control the ball before taking my shot and in doing so got man handled by a 210 pound male keeper.  He wrapped my feet up (instead of the ball) and took me down.

My ankle folded clean in half – I swear my big toe nearly touched my calf.  As I lay on the pitch wondering if 1) I will ever walk again, and 2) could I possibly stick this guy with my Swiss Army knife and not get caught, I came to realize how much I love my feet and treasure my ability to run and jump and walk.

You would think that epiphany would have resonated somewhere in my mind while making the decision to use my feet as a board blocker but alas…  it did not.


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