SRP Disorder – D88

13 Sep

I have a split personality disorder and I can prove it:

Not that I am making light of any mental health disorder or belittling the pain and suffering those afflicted go through.  But seriously how is this even possible?

Thursday I am pounding the pavement, suffering just to make 11:30 splits, and my heart rate is through the roof.  Then I go out for the EXACT same run, at the EXACT same time (okay I was 15 minutes later), wearing the EXACT same clothes (I know, I know but washing running clothes everyday is unrealistic) one day later and I am gliding gentilly through each stride, my splits are as low as I have ever seen them, and my heart rate is at a nice moderate level.

Now, reverse the sequence and I might be able to explain away why a run on Friday could go worse than Thursday.  My body was probably tired from the exertion the day before, the accumulation of my running week was catching up to me, yada yada yada.


You see, I have discovered that the stress and pain of running has fractured my personality into two very different personas.  Let us call them Nikki and Jessica.

Nikki was present on Thursday, in fact, she is there for most every run.  She is weak, weary and loathes the very idea of running shoes and spandex shorts.  She pouts in the morning when the alarm goes off and throws her quiet temper tantrums while begrudgingly dressing for our runs.  I have to coax her up the hills and practically beg her to not walk the last one.

Jessica, on the other hand, is a fierce lioness.  She made one of her rarely seen appearances on Friday.  She is determined, motivated and has boundless energy which she pours into our runs.  She wakes up before I do and is dressed and ready to go.  She effortlessly ascends each hill and then surges forth through the flats.  But she is an elusive one!  She hides deep in the recesses of my mind and often refuses to emerge for long periods of time.

So there you have it:  Split Running Personality Disorder.


3 Responses to “SRP Disorder – D88”

  1. Urban Running Girl September 13, 2012 at 9:12 pm #

    haha…just goes to show you how your mood can effect your performance. Way to go! I will ask however one thing….the weather? What was the weather like on the two different days? Now that the weather has cooled down in my area, my runs are so much better by 2-5 minutes, depending on the day.

    • jend1229 September 13, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

      For the past few weeks the weather has been crisp each morning, enough to warrant a long sleeve running shirt. I would have to go back and check but I do not remember any significant weather/temperature change that would have made a minute per mile difference.
      BTW: I just LOVE your shrugs! That is genius!!! Going to the website to order one now 🙂

      • Urban Running Girl September 13, 2012 at 9:38 pm #

        Thanks so much! I do believe I just received your order. You will receive an order confirmation shortly and your package will be mailed out tomorrow! Thanks again! 🙂

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