My Reply – D95

20 Sep

On day 92 I posted about the feedback I received from the one person I have divulged my little goal to.  Here is what I replied with:


You rock, thank you so much for putting these thoughts together.

Fortunately I am all to aware of the battle I face.  It is not really uphill at this point, it is more like a 90% grade!  But I was there once when I did not have the personal focus or the positive outside influences.  So I figure, why not take a year of my life and see what I can make of it?  I started in May with a running program and have gone from a painful 4 miles an hour to 7, greatly aided by the 15 lbs I dropped!  But as you mentioned, I need to drop an additional 10 to 20 before the end of winter and my goal is to increase (or I guess decrease) my mile splits to 7 min/miles.  When I was in the Air Force I was running just below 7 min/miles so I know I can do it.  Just have to convince my legs that they won’t fall off if I do.

I am middle of the pack as far as sprinting.  I ran track in high school but wouldn’t say I was terrific or anything special.  Though I did advance through a few Jessie Owen’s meets in grade school…  Don’t laugh, it was pretty cool!

Also, I know OF a few players on the team this year but do not know anyone personally.  Their average age is 21 (it is a really young team) but they do have a few players in their 30’s.  I will be 2 months away from 33 at the tryouts in April.  In addition to the Rapids team that started this year there is also an organization called Colorado Rush that has a team playing in the western division of the W-League.  Their tryouts are a week or two after the Rapids.  It is good to live in Colorado!

No, I am not curled up in the fetal position.  I know it is a really long shot but I am motivated to put in the work and see what the results might be.  I guess it is more about the journey this year then the end result next year.  I would like to be able to attend the tryout and put up a good showing.  I know my lack of playing resume as well as my age might disqualify me right away but hopefully I could finish the week and be proud of what I put out there.  In answer to your questions:

1 & 3)   I could absolutely manage a session every other week.  I also think it would be extremely valuable to have you evaluate my ability on the pitch.  In my humble opinion I am far more talented as a team member then an individual player.  Though I know that won’t get me anywhere at a tryout.  I will tap some of the people I play with and see if they are interested in group sessions.  But I think, personally, I would rather do individual sessions as I have a tendency to get distracted in groups (I’m sure you’ve noticed) so one on one sessions will be a greater value for me.  I am also great at homework but I need that “accountability” factor, so an ongoing appointment would help me immensely.

2 & 4)  I would love to do the Friday sessions but it is WAY to far away and I have this annoying obligation called work.  Because of this I can not fit in a lunch session either.  I work for an architecture firm and have to wear skirts/heels everyday as well as attend project meetings and visit sites.  Pony tails and soccer shorts might be difficult to explain to a construction superintendent and client.

5)  I am up for traveling.  Let me know day/time and I will see if I can make it work.  I would love to get to more of the classes but, as mentioned before, Fridays at noon are impossible and often times my Tuesday night games conflict with the park session.  If you guys decide to start other classes at different time slots for the winter that would be awesome.

I would like to hash out all the details, maybe before or after class on Tuesday?  We just started a new session at the Sports Center so I am waiting to hear what the game time will be.  But I feel like it is in my best interest to commit to (at the very minimum) a private session every other week.

So I pose again to you, blog reader of the great digital expanse, what are your thoughts on the original letter? How did my response come across?


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