Was that a freight train? – D99

24 Sep

I am running flat-out as hard as I can trying to chase down an errant ball that could give the other team a break away.  I can barely see the opposing player in my peripheral vision but I can feel him closing the distance faster than me.  I look up and see my goal keeper is also coming out and has a better opportunity to get there before I do.  So instead of going for the ball I decide to cut between it and the opposing player to hopefully slow him down and give my keeper time to clear the ball instead of having to slide/save it which might put him in a dangerous position.

I realize (to late) that my decision is a little reckless.

The opposing player outweighs me by fifty to seventy pounds, he is less than thrilled that me and my ponytail have cut between him and his potential glory moment and apparently he left his brakes at home.  The last thing I remember is feeling two hands on my back and my feet leaving the ground.  Moments later I am laying in a crumpled heap with the world’s largest grass stain up my backside while taking an inventory of all major appendages and wondering if my head is still connected to my neck.  I open my eyes and decide yes, everything is still attached.

Next time I think I will let my keeper fend for himself.

He is a big guy, I am sure he can handle it.

I think this guy has a pretty good idea of how I felt the next morning.


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