Putzing – D115

10 Oct

I was putzing (another mama word) around on the internet this morning and found this great article on ab workouts.

What I love is the model!  Granted, she is gorgeous, she is modeling ab workouts so she kind of has to be.  But check her out, she has some pretty wicked tats!  I do not know why but it struck me as odd that they would choose a model with body art.  I just thought that was really cool.  It is amazing what you find on the internet these days…

Oh yeah, cool goal update!  Last night my women’s competitive team played a really heated game.  We battled the entire time but sadly lost 6-2.  It really should have been 6-4 but two of our goals hit the top cross-bar, bounced straight down (behind the goal line IMO) and were pulled out by their keeper.  Whatever, it is the ref’s call but it would have taken a bit of the sting out of the loss if the score had been a little closer.  I did not play superbly, for some reason I was really absent-minded on the pitch, but I did manage to pull it together late in the game to score our second goal.

The ball bounced out from a clash between my player and an opponent, I controlled it with a sweet chest trap and then knocked it off the bounce with an even sweeter right footed volley over the keepers hands and into the opposite top corner of the goal.  I had to put my head down as I was running back to our side of the pitch cause I had a big stupid smile plaster all over my face!


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