Outdoor – D120

15 Oct

This past week was a great one for goals!  The soccer variety that is 🙂

Posted here about my goal on Tuesday, had another really mindful one on Wednesday and finally got an outdoor goal on Sunday!

Wednesday’s goal really pleased me because I actually took the time to think about how I wanted to score the goal instead of just winding up and kicking it as hard as I could.  Quite honestly, in co-ed indoor, that never works anyway; even clumsy male keepers will block my shots as I just do not have enough power behind them.

If you have played or watched indoor soccer then you know the shape of the pitch differs greatly from that of outdoor, the corners are curved because you are allowed to play off the walls.  As I collected the ball on the right side and dribbled down toward the corner I tried to find one of my players at the top of the goal box to cut it back to.  There was a mess of people all crowded in there so I held onto the ball as I rounded the corner.  I saw the keeper cheating out to block the pass I had just been looking for which left an opening on the near post.  I faked a step out with my left as if to pass and then poked it in on the near post with my right!

Sunday’s goal was also a thoughtful goal.  Fortunately the goals are bigger on an outdoor pitch but I still lack the power and accuracy to crack a shot from outside on a male keeper.  I am pretty sure that every goal I have ever scored in a co-ed outdoor game (and there have not been many) has come from inside the six.

This one pitted me one and one with the keeper after receiving a short, beautifully placed pass from one of the guys on my team.  We were both running down the pitch anticipating a cross from our winger which landed neatly at my player’s feet.  He collected the ball, turned and challenged the defender.  I was not more than six or seven feet to his left and booking it to beat the defender beside me.  He led me with a sharp pass right to my left foot and there I was facing down the keeper.  Now again, I could have just wound up and tried to crack the shot and hope my accuracy was on and his was off but instead I held onto the ball for three touches and when he stepped out to challenge me I tapped it with the outside of my right foot into the corner of the goal!


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