Further Proof – D122

17 Oct

If you have not seen this video yet be prepared to have your mind blown.


Okay, it was not that mind-blowing but it was pretty shocking.

The incident in March of this year was definitely mind-blowing.

In soccer, men are prima donnas and women are dirty girls.

Women just have a tendency to be beeches (sic) on the pitch, there were countless examples in the Olympics this past summer.  I too, have been on the giving end of a foul (or four) but nothing to this level and NEVER after the fact.  Just the other day I earned my first ever blue card (two minutes in time out) for throwing an elbow during play.  Now, before you judge, it is necessary to give you a little background.

The game, played in the intermediate league, was not even close; my team was down 7-1 at half.  In my mind, when you are beating a team by that much, it is time to back off the throttle.  Perhaps if I played professionally (keep your fingers crossed!) I would have a different mindset.  But this is rec ball, in an intermediate league, where everyone pays to play and has to get up for work the next day.

The pool of players for the league is not that large so chances are you will meet again in a few weeks.  Absolutely crushing a team is in poor taste.  But yet again, the girl on the receiving end of my elbow missed the memo on good sportsmanship.

Approximately three-quarters of the way into the match my ankles are throbbing from the numerous hacks I have sustained from the same girl.  I do not know if she felt personally obligated to try to remove me from the game via injury or perhaps I did something to her in a pervious life and she felt it necessary to repay me in this one; but whatever her reason she succeeded in hacking my ankles into black and blue oblivion.  I am not kidding, I have the bruises to prove it.

I have been playing at this complex long enough that I know most all the refs and they know me.  Unfortunately for me that means they will usually err on the side of allowing the play to develop instead of immediately calling the foul.  I know why they do it but some times it can be very frustrating and in this instance I literally had enough.

I received the ball from one of my defenders but before I could turn with it this girl is on my *ss trying to poke between my feet at the ball.  Of course she is not making contact with the ball but she is making contact with me.   She delivered a particularly painful hack right on my talus (or there abouts) and I responded (albeit inappropriately) by delivering my elbow to her nasal cavity.

I heard the whistle and immediately walked off the pitch, I knew what was coming.  When I looked over my shoulder at the ref to see what color of card he booked me with his look of utter disbelieve made me laugh.  Fortunately it was only a blue, I really did not hit her that hard.  No blood, no broken nose, just her complaining that the elbow was unprovoked.  What the ref did next I will be forever indebted to him for.  He gave my team the kick!  It was mass confusion for a moment but he explained that the first foul stopped the play and the card was for my retaliation.  We even scored off that kick.

It was so worth it.


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