My Myelin – D130

25 Oct

My what a thin myelin you have my dear…

I am having one of those days months where I am utterly convinced that I have some hard to diagnose disease that will ultimately cause me to fail in life and lose all that I hold dear.  Oh right, we already know what that is…

Recent events have put me on learning more about the myelin sheath.  If, like me, you have no idea what that is: The myelin sheath is the insulating sheath surrounding nerve cells.  It is the white mater coating our nerves, enabling them to conduct impulses between the brain and other parts of the body.  If you still do not know what it is do not feel bad, I still am trying to figure it out too.

Husband and I were over at another couple’s house eating tapas (glorified finger food in actuality) and drinking cheap wine (it really was cheap but it was wonderful).  Somehow the conversation turns to how adaptable everyone is or would like to be so I start into a long, convoluted story about how unadaptable I am.  Upon conclusion the wife of the couple tells me I probably have a thin myelin sheath and need to add more healthy fats into my diet to beef it up.  If not for the fact that I think this woman is a genius, if not a little crazy herself, I would have written it off to the fifth glass of wine she was on.  But this article has been weighing heavy on my mind; thus I began my research.

Your Score on the Thin Myelin Sheathing Test Survey: 59

28-34 Average myelin sheathing, chances are your OCD is probably only partly responsible for you OCD symptom.
35-41 Your answers indicate that you myelin is thin and it is probably a significant contributor to your OCD symptoms.
42-54 Your answers indicate that you myelin is very thin and is probably a strong contributor to your OCD symptoms.
55-88 Your myelin is in a desperate state and is probably a very strong contributor to your OCD symptoms.

This is bad…  bad, bad, bad…

Why it is causing me this latest freak out is because back in 2006 I spent a good deal of time visiting with a few emergency room doctors.  Unable to diagnose my condition I underwent both a CT and MRI.  The MRI lead to a number of consultations with a neurologist, who scared the sh*t out of me with a false MS diagnosis and then this statement which will forever be burned into my memory:

Your MRI shows changes to the white matter in your brain.

OH                                     MY                                    GWAD


What does that even mean?!?

In the end they decided it was merely a nasty upper respiratory infection complicated by leakage from a spinal tap used to determine if I had meningitis (I did not).  To this day I am not really sure what transpired during those six months.  But since then I have regularly suffered from headache ranging from one to six on the pain scale.  Occasionally I get a really nasty one but never to the degree that I had after the spinal tap.

I guess though I have always been a little neurotic; when I was little I would take before and after pictures while cleaning my room.  Yeah, I know.

But please do not call me crazy, I bruise easily, really easily.  It actually drive Husband nuts.  He comes home from a martial arts class where he has been thrown across the room multiple times and barely has any discoloration at impact sites while I barely bump the edge of a table and my entire hip turns black and blue.  I got this beaut two weeks ago during a co-ed game; it is just beginning to fade.  When I dropped the board on my foot  it took almost three weeks for the discoloration to fade and I still get twinges when shooting the ball.

Since my little foray six years ago I have been hypersensitive to how permeable I am.  Emotionally, physically, mentally and any other ally you can thing of.  So this myelin sheath thingy is really making sense.

But then it could just be me being a hypochondriac again.


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