Devil’s Food – D131

26 Oct

It is snowy and cold in Denver.  I am reluctant to accept the loss of fall so I begrudgingly dusted off my winter jacket before departing my sanctuary, otherwise known as home, yesterday.  Husband is super excited for the colder weather; I am just not quite ready to embrace the early transition.

I think Husband could tell the weather was getting me down so we blew off our workouts and spent the evening together meandering around downtown trying new restaurants.  Our last stop was a bakery and cookery on Gaylord Street called Devil’s Food.  Enticed by the delightful pastries in their display case we stopped in to snag a dessert to take home with us.  Once inside we saw they had a small dining area and beautiful espresso machine so we decided to extend our evening and enjoy a cup of coffee with dessert.

I am (unfortunately) extremely limited in my enjoyment of coffee.  I absolutely love the way the stuff smells but rather detest the way most coffee tastes.  When brewing coffee at home I sprinkle a decent amount of cinnamon into the grounds and always use a french vanilla or vanilla/cinnamon creamier in generous quantities.  If I am drinking espresso I prefer it to come from the shop in my office building and I only ever order a white chocolate mocha, extra white chocolate sauce.  Husband can drink coffee so thick you practically have to chew it and still enjoy the way it tastes while I act like a four-year old who refuses to eat the crust on their bread.

So I am sure you can imagine my chagrin when I ordered a white chocolate mocha and the server told me they did not have the sauce, they only served the syrup flavor in a latte.  Haughtily I ordered a vanilla latte instead and Husband had to give me the “be nice” eyes.  Fortunately for Husband, myself and especially the server they made an excellent latte with beautiful, thick, rich foam with delicate latte art.  The espresso was masterfully brewed and was sweetly complimented by the vanilla and milk.

For dessert we enjoyed their unique take on an apple tartan with ginger ice cream.  They topped it with a caramel-bacon sauce that really accentuated the savory maple flavors of the bacon and not the sweet of the caramel.  The ginger ice cream was a nice addition and really brought your attention to the crisp, tart apples instead of allowing the bacon to overpower everything.  (We also tried their bread pudding but unfortunately it was not fresh and next to the tartan it tasted rather bland.)

As we sat in this quaint cafe and savored our coffee and dessert I felt my detest for winter start to fall away.  The grey evening, chilly breeze and soft dusting of snow was actually enjoyable with a warm mug of espresso, delectable dessert and my thoughtful (and very insightful) husband.


2 Responses to “Devil’s Food – D131”

  1. littlemisswordy October 27, 2012 at 12:48 am #

    I’m enjoying reading everyone’s “cold and snowy” posts as I’m currently living on a tropical island and while I always say I’m never more at peace then when I am near the ocean, I still miss the seasons. I can smell the apple tartan from here! 😉

    • jend1229 October 27, 2012 at 5:31 am #

      A tropical island sounds amazing right about now! While hot java is nice a sunny beach sounds much better. But I guess the grass is always greener, right? 🙂

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