Self Imposed – D134

29 Oct

I decided to take last week off from running.

My motivation has really been waning the last few weeks.  I find myself not pushing hard enough on the last mile or two to keep my splits in my goal range.  Soccer has been going really well, at least personally; my teams have not been winning but I have performed well and my goal average is up.  Running just seems to be low on my priority list of late.  You know what?  I would be a really good cat, well one that lives in my house at least.  Unfortunately I was not blessed with a purr box and fluffy coat so this morning I was back out on the trail.  My first two miles went extremely well but inevitably I hit the turn around point and I felt the wind go out of my sails.  I was able to keep enough of a pace to finish under forty-four minutes but just barely.

What I really need is a giant kick in the *ss right when I turn around to keep myself moving.  That and all the hills to reverse their grade so I can run downhill both directions…  or maybe a running partner.  I usually like to run by myself but I always have my best times when chasing down a carrot in front of me on the trail.  Do you think I could post an ad on Craigslist?  “Running carrot partner wanted.  Must magically appear on trail when motivation is at its lowest and maintain mile splits slightly slower than my own.  Fantastically beautiful women need not apply.”  Hmm… probably not going to get a ton of responses on that one.

Here is to finding motivation this week!


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