Time for a Change – D141

5 Nov

Well my experiment in taking a week off to find my motivation did not pan out quite the way I was hoping.  Not that it did not work or set me back it just did not give me the fresh, new, ready to take it all on perspective I was hoping for.  I think I am just a tad burnt out on logging the miles.

On a positive note I did finally start working with the soccer coach, we had a terrific session on Saturday.  Granted I nearly puked after all the sprints he had me do…  but it was still terrific.  He did comment on my great aerobic base but also mentioned I REALLY needed to improve my anaerobic ability.

So me thinks that it is time for a change.

Instead of working on distance and minutes per mile I am going to switch my focus to speed and agility.  I would like to keep running apart of my schedule as I have not quite reached my speed goals there.  This week I am going to do some research and planning.

Should be interesting!


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