Wholly Cannolies – D142

6 Nov

What an interested controversy…  Have you heard about the Welsch sisters from Alvin, Texas?  Kaytlynn Welsch is 12 years old and her sister, Heather, is 10.  Nothing so different about that, right?  Here is the hook, these two are endurance athletes and not only do they compete at an elite level they win at an elite level!

I found this article on their recent win in Waco, Texas at the 21k  XTERRA Cameron Park Trail Run.  In August, Kaytlynn won the women’s division and finished eleventh overall.  Heather finished third in the women’s division and sixteenth overall.  It would appear about eighty-eight people started the race and seventy-nine finished.  These two finished in the top twenty!

The article on Yahoo! linked another interesting article from the New York Times regarding the concern other athletes have about their age and the supposed adverse effects endurance events could have on their growing bodies.  I have to say I wholly agree with Stephen Gerwel who posted in the comments section of the article:

Our country is so screwy it is not even funny… Let your child run in some event that promotes fitness, shame on you! However, let you child sit on TV and look like and be a fat slob… Here is your reality TV show deal.

You go girls!  Best of luck in all your future races!!

What do you think?  Should the race directors not allow the girls to participate in the events or should it be up to their parents to decide?


2 Responses to “Wholly Cannolies – D142”

  1. justme November 8, 2012 at 6:43 pm #

    It should be up to the parents. My 11 and 12 year olds compete in similar half marathon and 25K trail races, as well as the shorter distances, and also beat most of the adults.

    • jend1229 November 8, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

      I absolutely agree. No one was ever successful in ANYTHING because they were told they should wait. A young (and old) body should be in motion and what better way than in an athletic pursuit? I wish I had been pushed harder when I was younger to practice soccer and work on ball handling instead of playing indoors or watching TV. My parents did a fantastic job raising me but I will always wonder if I could have played at the Olympic level if we had been more focused on developing my ability.

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