Exercise Headache – D155

19 Nov

Occasionally after a long run I get a terrible headache that slowly increases in intensity throughout the day.  Last night it got so bad I actually felt nauseated.  In fact, had I not turned in early and slept it off I think it would have made me sick to my stomach.  I have had that happen once before but usually it is just a nasty headache that goes away the next morning.  I used to get them after triathlon races but that was to be expected, I was racing in Arizona in the summer and hydrating during the race was never one of my strengths.

I was surprised to get one yesterday, although I left for my run later in the morning than usual but only because I was waiting for it to warm up; our high temperature was only sixty-three.  I drank an entire water bottle during the run and a G2 afterwards.  My hydration throughout the rest of the day was pretty good especially once I felt the headache coming on.  Sometimes I can mitigate it by taking in extra water but usually it just keeps it from getting über intense.  By the end of the day my neck was really stiff and my head was pounding.  Husband graciously rubbed my neck and sent me to bed while he took care of the dogs and closed up the house.  (Such a good Husband!)  I woke this morning with that bruised fruit feeling but thankfully no lingering headache.

My near encounter with my porcelain deity put me onto a web search for ways to prevent exercise headaches.  Unfortunately this was all the Mayo Clinic had to say:

Exercise headaches tend to occur more often when the weather is hot and humid, or if you’re exercising at high altitudes. If you’re prone to exercise headaches, you may want to avoid exercising in these conditions. 

As I live at high altitude there is not much I can do to avoid that but another site recommended taking an anti-inflammatory an hour before exercising so I guess I will give that a try.


2 Responses to “Exercise Headache – D155”

  1. wartica November 19, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    I’ve had a similar bout but because of too much caffeine I think; it took a few days but it’s starting to vacate, and that means a lot less caffeine in my body from now on! Feel better and enjoy the holiday with the family 🙂

    • jend1229 November 19, 2012 at 6:14 pm #

      Interesting you brought up caffeine. I happen to be a heavy abuser of that substance… Maybe for my long run this weekend I will forgo my morning fix and see if that helps. Thanks for the idea!

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