To Many Mind – D162

26 Nov

I learned a valuable lesson on Thanksgiving; I have too many minds.

The Last Samurai

Nobutada: Please forgive; too many mind.

Algren: Too many mind?

Nobutada: Hai, mind the sword, mind the people watch, mind enemy.  Too many mind.  No mind.

Algren: No mind.

I tried to get out for a run Thursday morning but was really dragging my feet getting started and did not get on the trail until well after 10am.  The whole time I kept thinking about how I should have gotten my pie on before I left so that I could get the turkey on before noon.  Then I would start stressing about the rest of the side dishes and how I was going to get everything prepared on time in addition to cleaning the house.  My shoulders would droop, my pace kept slowing and my mind felt ready to implode.  When I got to the first mile marker I had turned in a dismal 12:42 split.  I have not run that slow in MONTHS.

Frustrated, I turned around and shuffled the mile home.  On the way back I started obsessing about the pile of grading I needed to get through and how none of it would get done today.  The weight I kept adding to myself was tangible.  It was like those episodes of The Biggest Loser where the contestant have to strap on sand bags equivalent to the weight they have lost on the show.  Each step got heavier and heavier and slower and slower.  It took me over twenty-seven minutes to run two freaking miles.

Mind the pie, mind the turkey, mind grading.  Too many mind.

Saturday, after the holiday blitz; the house was clean and tidy, I was three-quarters through my grading pile and I was beginning to feel the itch to get out for a run.  I laced up my shoes and was greeted by a beautiful, sunny afternoon.  I felt physically lighter (though I was probably heavier due to copious amounts of turkey and pie…) and when I stopped my watch at the end of the trail I had finished three miles in less than 32 minutes.

No mind.


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