Hope – D164

28 Nov

I have very mixed emotions when it comes to Hope Solo.  On one hand she is an extremely talented soccer player (both in the goal and on the field) who helped the US women’s national team win the gold medal this year.  On the other hand she seems to always be in the news for less than savory reasons.

Her latest foray into the headlines is for domestic abuse charges against her fiance, Jerramy Stevens, which happened to occur the day before her wedding.  Her response: ”It is unfortunate what the media can do to judge before the facts are out there.  It is hard to see, but it is a hard truth, and it is part of life,” she said.  ”I am happy.  I am happily married.  I would never stand for domestic
violence.  I have never been hit in my life.”

I really hope this is the case and the police that responded overreacted to the cut on her elbow.  But something tells me these two are not long for each other.  When I spent the afternoon of my friend’s wedding consoling her because soon to be hubbykins was holed up in his van getting high I thought the same thing.  They were divorced less than two years later and those two years were tumultuous at best.

It just seems like this girl can not get her act together or maybe she has chosen to gain attention through negative press.  The birth control issue, her Twitter spat with Brandi Chastain, the 2008 drunk appearance on the Today Show, her selfish remarks regarding Briana Scurry…  the list goes on.  I just can not understand why she would choose to be the obnoxious one in a group.  She is very good-looking, extremely talented and successful outside the soccer arena.  Why make a bad name for yourself when a good one is so attainable?

Do you think she is purposefully seeking negative attention?  Would you do the same?


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