It’s Time – D165

29 Nov

I have been listening to the Night Visions album from Imagine Dragons a lot of late.  Their lead singer, Dan Reynolds, has a really interesting voice and I love that they came up through the Battle of the Bands circuit.

The video for It’s Time is wonderfully quirky and follows the band members across a post-apocalyptic landscape.  Towards the end of the video they plant a strange glowing rock that explodes and brings light back to the desolate world.  It makes me laugh when they go running away before the explosion, perhaps not the reaction they intended.  Good stuff.

I have really latched onto this verse:

The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell

It happens to be my motto at the moment.  The school semester is wrapping up so I am über busy trying to get everything graded and handed back.  My firm just started work on three new contracts, which is fantastic – do not get me wrong, but the timing is horrendous as all three need a lot of attention all at the same time.  My running has taken an unfortunate back seat to both; as have my foot skills sessions.  Additionally I get mad munchies when I am stressed so my weight is starting to creep up.

It is cloudy as hell right now!


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