I should – D180

14 Dec

What a freakin day…

I have been beating myself up all week for not getting out for my morning runs and was especially hard on myself this morning.  As I am walking down to my car I over hear my neighbor’s television reporting another shooting.  I only catch bits and pieces but am to hung up on my own lack of motivation to really clue into what I hear.  I look into my car as I am trying to insert the key into the lock…  WTF?!?

The contents of my glove box and center console are strewn all over my car.  I look past the seats to the passenger door and notice it is unlocked.  Did I forget to lock it?  Usually I am OCD about locking my doors but the last three weeks have put me into a perpetual brain fuzz; it is very possible I left it unlocked.  My car windows are held up by packaging tape (used to be with duct tape until I realized packaging tape is clear – not as obvious as duct tape – and does just as good of a job) and gorilla glue.  I kicked in the front fender after spending forty-five minutes unsuccessfully trying to latch the driver’s side headlamp into place.  I have hit more bollards than I care to admit and it is a Kia so anything that could fail cosmetically has and none of it was covered by the warranty.

Long story short – I do not keep anything of value in my car.  I do keep a lot of crap in there but nothing of theft worthy value.  After rifling through my belonging Mr. Theif decided to pocket my business card holder.  REALLY?!?  Of all the things in my vehicle you stole my celadon blue business card holder???  The change you tossed from my ash box onto the floor boards was worth more than that…  geez…  whatever…

I toss most everything back into my glove box and I am now late for work.  I flip on the radio and hear the DJs discussing the school shooting in Connecticut.  I sit in my car and wonder WTF is wrong with people.  From the douche canoe who saw fit to ruin my day by violating my car to this seemingly unending string of selfish f*ckers who instead of just offing themselves have to destroy the lives of others before making their exit.  It makes it hard to hold my private pity party when there are parents of kindergarteners who will no longer hold their child in their arms or kiss them goodnight; it makes me physically sick to think about their grief.

What a freakin day…  I should go for a run.


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