Changes – D183

17 Dec

This is my week for change.


It starts with a job interview tomorrow morning; this is actually my second interview with the firm.  I am hopeful that 1) they will make me an offer 2) the offer will be high enough that I can accept it and 3) I can quit all my side gigs so I can just work one job.  I have a lot of respect for people who can piecemeal their salary together because it is killing me.

I am also going to start back to running this week.  No more talking about it and not getting it done.  Me and the treadmill have a date tonight and I am not going to miss it.  I have noticed over the past three weeks that the rotund little layer around my mid-section is becoming more pronounced again, when I am sprinting during a game I can feel it jiggling around my waist band.  Not cool.  Not sexy.  Not healthy.

Finally I am going to get all those little to-dos checked off my list.  I have next week off of work and I am going to knock out a large portion of the stuff I keep thinking about but never get done.  Like changing the batteries in my fire alarms… been trying to remember to do that since JANUARY!  Or the filter in my furnace… I do not think I have changed that since September or maybe even August.  Geez….

Change is good.


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