So far, So good – D187

21 Dec

When I awoke this morning I have to say I was slightly disappointed.  It is not that I bought into the End of the World hoopla surrounding 12/21/12 but it did make me wonder.

What would happen if the world ended on Friday?

7 Day Forecast

I was a little anxious last night as I went to bed.  Would we all just cease to exist?  Would we suffer through a slow, horrible, fiery death?  How does the world go about ending itself?

But alas, I think we are in the clear; just another Friday to endure.

On a happy note I am still fighting (and maybe even winning) the battle with the onset of a cold.  I took another Green SuperFood last night and I think it bought me some more time.  Going to douse my system with another one tonight and pray for the best!


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