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Kicking the Habit – D197

31 Dec

One of my great vices is diet soda, particularly diet coke.  Pepsi kinda nasty… 

If you think about it (and rationalize it like I do) it is the perfect beverage.  Caffine to give you a boost, calorie free to avoid weight gain and flavorful to stay interesting.  I like water and drink copious quantities ever since I moved to Colorado and got to pass two kidney stones due to lack of proper hydration (but that is a story for another day).  It is just that water is pretty boring.  I know there are a lot of mix ins you can add to jazz up water but it feels like that is defeating the purpose.

The problem is that soda, especially diet soda, is far from the perfect beverage.  In fact, it could be considered worse than regular soda, though it does not have the high sugar content.  “In 2009, a group of researchers at the University of Texas Health Sciences in  Houston published a study that said daily consumption of diet soda increased the  chance of metabolic disease by 36 percent and the chance of Type 2 diabetes by 67 percent.” (

“Additionally, soda is made up of a number of acidic chemicals, it is one of the most acidic substances humans ingest.  The acids in diet soda demineralize the bones and teeth, and can lead to fractures and osteoporosis.  Acid in the body also can lead to a number of health conditions such as inflammation and corrosion of body tissue.  When your body is overly acidic your skin will not be as beautiful or youthful.  It will contribute to looking older.” (

I just finished reading Eat & Run by Scott Jurek (excellent book with great story telling) and it has really got me thinking about what I put into my body.  In one part of the book he talks about how he realized during a race he did not win that he could not have pushed himself any harder; mentally and physically he gave everything he had.  Like most extreme athletes he decided that was not good enough.  Thus he began analysing how his nutrition was impacting his performance.

A few weeks ago I put up an epic battle against the onset of a cold.  I supplemented my diet with a lot of “nutritional” goodies and actually won the fight.  Any other time in my life I would have lost but the influx of the supplements not only helped my immune system fight off the cold virus but I have never felt better.  I am waking up a lot quicker each morning and do not hit the 2pm wall in the afternoons.  You want to know what else I have been doing (or not doing)?

I have not had a diet soda in over two weeks.

Coincidence?  I think not.


Avoiding the Inevitable – D186

20 Dec

I have put up the good fight but inevitably I am on the brink of losing my battle.

For the past week I have been pounding back copious quantities of Odwalla Green Machine and Naked Red Machine.  I even tried a  Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness this morning for something different.  Each morning, in addition to my tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, I have been taking Wellness Formula with an Astragalus capsule.  In the afternoon I take a Stress B-Complex and then more Wellness Formula before I go to bed.

It all started last Thursday.  In addition to the extra work I have taken on and the end of my semester I have had a string of late soccer games each week.  Usually the 10 and 11pm games are spaced out so I will only have one every two or three weeks.  For what ever reason, this session, they have been falling every week.  When I woke up Thursday morning with a little congestion I figured it was just allergies and brushed it off.  Around 3pm I realized the congestion was not going away and my throat was starting to feel a tad raw.  And so began the influx of vitamins and minerals into my system.  Either Sunday or Monday night I forgot to take my Wellness Formula and felt the congestion return the next morning.  I supplemented my morning intake with a chocolate Green SuperFood and a heavy shot of cream (that stuff is magic but it tastes like crap); that seemed to put me back on track but last night on my way home from my soccer game I could feel the cold raging against my body.  You know that extreme exhaustion that makes your shoulders sag and your chest feel heavy?  That was me last night.  Again this morning I work up with a hint of congestion and here I sit, two o’clock in the afternoon, and I can feel the body aches setting in.

I am a firm believer in mind over matter, especially when it comes to being sick.  Husband, on the other hand, tends to wallow in his misery.  (But I have to give him credit – he very rarely gets sick anymore.)  I can usually will myself better if I catch my cold symptoms early enough and if not, the really brutal part of my colds tend to only last for one to two days while Husband’s can drag on for five to seven.  If I time it just right the perfect bowl of Phở and a good night’s sleep are often all I need to knock a cold down.

I have been fighting hard for the last week but I just do not think I am going to win this time.

I will… – D178

12 Dec

Well I did not get out this morning, however, I have every intention of doing so after work.  Tonight is my first night off as the semester wrapped up this past Monday.  <phew!>  I am not usually a big fan of afternoon runs but this morning necessitated making the switch.

On the soccer front I had an exceptional defensive match last night.  Was not my best showing offensively (I remember at one point while attempting a shot I actually kicked the ground instead of the ball…) but lately my defense has needed a lot of improvement so I was pleased with my effort.  My competitive women’s team is 4-0 with a lot of potential to win our league this session!

I did! – D177

11 Dec

I got my butt out and ran this morning!  Granted it was only on the treadmill for twenty minutes but I did it.  Tomorrow… 30 minutes!

I am – D176

10 Dec



Burnt Candles – D173

7 Dec

burnt-ends…not sure I can hold on much longer…

Burnt Candles – D172

6 Dec

burnt-ends…do you smell burning flesh?…

Burnt Candles – D171

5 Dec

burnt ends…getting closer…

Burnt Candles – D170

4 Dec

burnt ends…still doing okay…

Burnt Candles – D169

3 Dec

burnt ends…today…