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Questions – D206

9 Jan

I am at such a crossroads with this endeavor of mine. I am fairly confident they will have additional tryouts but I missed the first one and that seems like a really big deal. But what if that was it? To bad, so sad, you missed now you are out of luck.

Do I just quit? Do I keep practicing and wait till next year?

Argh… I am so pissed off at myself right now.


Please Please Please – D205

8 Jan

I can not believe I missed the tryouts! I emailed the assistant coach as indicated in the news release and asked if there would be additional opportunities to be considered for the 2013 roster. No reply yet…

Disappointment – D204

8 Jan
Rapids Women Start 2013 Player Search
First round of tryouts set for December
Colorado Rapids Women News Release –

Monday, November 19, 2012

DENVER, Colo. – The Colorado Rapids Women have announced the dates for open tryouts in preparation for the 2013 W-League season as well as their Super 20-League title defense for the current North American Champions, the Colorado Rapids Women Super 20s. The Rapids Women Open Tryouts will be held December 28-29 at the Golden Goal Sports Indoor Complex, located at 2650 Alkire Street, Golden, Colorado.

The session on Friday December 28 will run from 5-7 p.m. and the Saturday session will run from 10 a.m.-noon. Colorado Rapids Women Head Coach Daniel Clitnovici and staff will be on hand to evaluate trialists.



I thought they were in April…

Oh My – 198

1 Jan

Wow, I just realized it is January…surprise


Okay I did not just realize it is January but IT IS JANUARY!

Holy crow, that means I only have three months until tryouts.

Two for the money – D185

19 Dec

Great soccer night yesterday!

My competitive women’s team won our fifth straight game (I scored a goal!).  And even though my intermediate women’s team lost I had a goal and an assist.  Maybe even two assists but I can not quite remember…  The second game was at 11pm and I am a little fuzzy on the details this morning.

I will… – D178

12 Dec

Well I did not get out this morning, however, I have every intention of doing so after work.  Tonight is my first night off as the semester wrapped up this past Monday.  <phew!>  I am not usually a big fan of afternoon runs but this morning necessitated making the switch.

On the soccer front I had an exceptional defensive match last night.  Was not my best showing offensively (I remember at one point while attempting a shot I actually kicked the ground instead of the ball…) but lately my defense has needed a lot of improvement so I was pleased with my effort.  My competitive women’s team is 4-0 with a lot of potential to win our league this session!

Hope – D164

28 Nov

I have very mixed emotions when it comes to Hope Solo.  On one hand she is an extremely talented soccer player (both in the goal and on the field) who helped the US women’s national team win the gold medal this year.  On the other hand she seems to always be in the news for less than savory reasons.

Her latest foray into the headlines is for domestic abuse charges against her fiance, Jerramy Stevens, which happened to occur the day before her wedding.  Her response: ”It is unfortunate what the media can do to judge before the facts are out there.  It is hard to see, but it is a hard truth, and it is part of life,” she said.  ”I am happy.  I am happily married.  I would never stand for domestic
violence.  I have never been hit in my life.”

I really hope this is the case and the police that responded overreacted to the cut on her elbow.  But something tells me these two are not long for each other.  When I spent the afternoon of my friend’s wedding consoling her because soon to be hubbykins was holed up in his van getting high I thought the same thing.  They were divorced less than two years later and those two years were tumultuous at best.

It just seems like this girl can not get her act together or maybe she has chosen to gain attention through negative press.  The birth control issue, her Twitter spat with Brandi Chastain, the 2008 drunk appearance on the Today Show, her selfish remarks regarding Briana Scurry…  the list goes on.  I just can not understand why she would choose to be the obnoxious one in a group.  She is very good-looking, extremely talented and successful outside the soccer arena.  Why make a bad name for yourself when a good one is so attainable?

Do you think she is purposefully seeking negative attention?  Would you do the same?

More Sheuneenio! – D163

27 Nov

This girl just rocks!


See more here.

Sheuneenio! – D137

1 Nov

This post was inspired by the Weekly Writing Challenge but mostly by the sheer awesomesauce of Sheuneen Ta.


I wish I were one tenth as talented as this girl…

Just around the 0:19 mark she does this amazing foot jive with the ball, she is absolutely lyrical in her movement.  I sat and studied that move for close to thirty minutes but when I try to emulate what she is doing I just feel clunky and uncoordinated.  It is like that movie White Men Can’t Jump with Woody Harrelson, This Girl Can’t Jive.  Except it is not like that movie at all because I am not pretending or trying to hustle anyone, I really can not jive!

My favorite part is at the 0:43 mark when she runs though a stretch of shopping mall with the ball between her feet.  If I had to defend that I would fall flat on my face!  I can not tell if I am intensely inspired by this video or deeply disappointed in my own inability to pull off these wicked tricks.

Where I do see light at the end of this tunnel is the awesome tutorials included in the video.  So often I see YouTube clips of guys executing amazing soccer moves but have no way of analyzing them or seeing the mechanics of the trick.  This video and many others included on the Got Soccer website slow down the action and provide tips for practicing the move at home.  So perhaps with some hard work and focus I might get my wish after all.

I will let you know in April!

Congratulations – D136

31 Oct

It has been announced that Tom Sermanni will be replacing Pia Sundhage as the new Women’s National Team head coach.  I am glad they found a candidate with great experience coaching women’s teams but I am slightly disappointed they did not select a woman.  Maybe it is just because Pia was such an amazing coach that really appeared to bond with the players and truly seemed to love not only coaching but coaching that team.  I remember watching this news clip just before the 2011 World Cup match against Japan.  Her love and commitment just shines here:



Tom Sermanni Named Head Coach of U.S. Women’s National Team

Posted on October 30, 2012 by Courtney Lambert

After an extensive search and interview process, US Soccer President, Sunil Gulati, announced Tuesday that Tom Sermanni will take the reigns as the seventh head coach of the US Women’s National team.

Sermanni tells US Soccer in a press release, “U.S. Soccer has always been at the forefront of supporting the women’s game, and it’s exciting to coach the team in this next chapter of its history. After coaching against many of these players for years, I am looking forward to working with an accomplished group of veterans while integrating the numerous talented young players who are itching for a chance to prove themselves.”

Gulati, US Soccer CEO/ Secretary General, Dan Flynn, renowned US players, Mia Hamm and Danielle Slaton and Director of Administration, Tom King, made up the committee that thoroughly reviewed over 30 eligible male and female candidates for the position.

“He has the knowledge, experience and vision to take on the challenge of keeping our team at the top of the world,” says Gulati in a prepared statement. “He has a tremendous passion for the game, knows the American players, understands our system and knows the process of preparing a team for a World Cup tournament.”

The Glasgow, Scotland native who has played in more than 300 professional matches and scored more than 50 goals in his career, coached the Matildas from 1994 to 1997, leading them to the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1995.  He also led them to the Women’s World Cup quarterfinals in 2007 and 2011. The Matildas made it into the top 10 in the FIFA Women’s World Rankings and Sermanni was named the 2007 Asian Football Confederation Coach of the Year.

Sermanni will finish up his responsibilities as head coach of the Matildas, missing the next two US Women’s matches of the 2012 Fan Tribute Tour held in Portland and Phoenix. US Soccer Women’s Development Director, Jill Ellis, will fill in instead, and he will take over for the last three matches of the tour, which are yet to be announced.