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Would I Really – D199

2 Jan

Each week I peruse the Weekly Writing Challenge to see if it is relevant to what I am writing about.  Usually it is not but a few times our two worlds happen to align (see my post here).  I figured with the New Year this week’s challenge would probably be about resolutions and “stick-to-it-iveness” and it is – with a twist.

The premises of the challenge is that the world really is about to end (in three months to be exact).  With this knowledge you are to make three resolution that 1) are extremely time sensitive and 2) will be the last three things you do with your life.

On Monday I posted about kicking my diet soda habit and it has inadvertently become my New Year’s resolution.  Yet I wonder, would I really make that my resolution if the world were truly about to end?  I can think of much better things to focus my time and attention on if all that was left were three meager months.  For one thing I would spend every waking (and sleeping) moment with Husband.  Forget going to work or even being away from him for a soccer game.  No deprivation here...Unfortunately I have to earn an income, pay my mortgage, buy groceries… and well, I really like playing soccer so that nixes that as my resolution.  And two, if these were to really be my last three months, I would drink all the darn soda I could.  That stuff is tasty and I sure would not be depriving myself of anything.

But then what would my resolution(s) be?  I could make some righteous statement like I would be a better person and help those less fortunate but hey, I am not a righteous person and I would probably just hole up in the house with Husband anyway.

By process of elimination I suppose I should be making some resolutions regarding Husband…  oh but where to start?

***this post began in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Doompocalpyse-Redux but I am not sure it ever really got there***


Sheuneenio! – D137

1 Nov

This post was inspired by the Weekly Writing Challenge but mostly by the sheer awesomesauce of Sheuneen Ta.


I wish I were one tenth as talented as this girl…

Just around the 0:19 mark she does this amazing foot jive with the ball, she is absolutely lyrical in her movement.  I sat and studied that move for close to thirty minutes but when I try to emulate what she is doing I just feel clunky and uncoordinated.  It is like that movie White Men Can’t Jump with Woody Harrelson, This Girl Can’t Jive.  Except it is not like that movie at all because I am not pretending or trying to hustle anyone, I really can not jive!

My favorite part is at the 0:43 mark when she runs though a stretch of shopping mall with the ball between her feet.  If I had to defend that I would fall flat on my face!  I can not tell if I am intensely inspired by this video or deeply disappointed in my own inability to pull off these wicked tricks.

Where I do see light at the end of this tunnel is the awesome tutorials included in the video.  So often I see YouTube clips of guys executing amazing soccer moves but have no way of analyzing them or seeing the mechanics of the trick.  This video and many others included on the Got Soccer website slow down the action and provide tips for practicing the move at home.  So perhaps with some hard work and focus I might get my wish after all.

I will let you know in April!

Running the Hydrants – D109

4 Oct

I am a bit of a creature of habit.  I wear the same running clothes (I do try to wash them twice a week), run the same course with minor variations for distance, and chant the same mantra as I fight my way through the last half mile.

Run the hydrants, babe.  Just run the hydrants.

Half mile left to go

It has never changed, albeit I have only been on this running program since May.  As I round the corner at the last half mile mark I start to think about how close I am to finishing.  Previous posts will tell you I am not a big fan of running, so the end of a run is quite possibly the only part I actually like.  Because I am a glutton for punishment (and my condo is located on a hill) the last half mile is two-thirds uphill and one-third slight decline / mostly flat.  This makes for a great start to every run but a horrible way to end when I am sucking wind and battling my inner demons.  So I chant:

Run ’em babe.  Run the hydrants.

I am not sure why I refer to myself as babe.  Sometime I call myself by my first name with the Y ending my mother uses, sometimes by my last like the drill sergeants used to but usually it is babe…

Anyway…  whatever…

Just before the pancake

As I climb the first hill on my last half mile stretch my breath becomes labored and shallow, the hummingbird invariably resumes its residence in my chest cavity.  But as the incline turns to decline the knot holding the concrete bollard tied to my waist loosens and both fall away.

Another hydrant down, three more to go.

I try to lengthen my stride much like a lion would as it closes in on its prey but it ends up looking more like this.  I pass another hydrant, two more to go.  The ground levels out to a pancake and I ready myself for the final push.  I envision myself running beside Abby Wambach, striding down the pitch on my way to a glorious goal.  I pass the second to last hydrant, embark on the last hill and suddenly there are three bollards tied to my waist and these ones are anchored to the cement.

Run ’em babe.  Run down that last hydrant.

Death by incline

I am dying and these are my final moments.  Instead of spending them in a bed surrounded by my loved ones I will die alone here on the pavement next to this friggin hydrant.  My lungs will surely burst like a balloon released to the heavens.

The air is to thin up here!

Last hydrant.

I push, I fight, I scream.

I finish.




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