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Questions – D206

9 Jan

I am at such a crossroads with this endeavor of mine. I am fairly confident they will have additional tryouts but I missed the first one and that seems like a really big deal. But what if that was it? To bad, so sad, you missed now you are out of luck.

Do I just quit? Do I keep practicing and wait till next year?

Argh… I am so pissed off at myself right now.


Please Please Please – D205

8 Jan

I can not believe I missed the tryouts! I emailed the assistant coach as indicated in the news release and asked if there would be additional opportunities to be considered for the 2013 roster. No reply yet…

Oh My – 198

1 Jan

Wow, I just realized it is January…surprise


Okay I did not just realize it is January but IT IS JANUARY!

Holy crow, that means I only have three months until tryouts.