Sheuneenio! – D137

1 Nov

This post was inspired by the Weekly Writing Challenge but mostly by the sheer awesomesauce of Sheuneen Ta.


I wish I were one tenth as talented as this girl…

Just around the 0:19 mark she does this amazing foot jive with the ball, she is absolutely lyrical in her movement.  I sat and studied that move for close to thirty minutes but when I try to emulate what she is doing I just feel clunky and uncoordinated.  It is like that movie White Men Can’t Jump with Woody Harrelson, This Girl Can’t Jive.  Except it is not like that movie at all because I am not pretending or trying to hustle anyone, I really can not jive!

My favorite part is at the 0:43 mark when she runs though a stretch of shopping mall with the ball between her feet.  If I had to defend that I would fall flat on my face!  I can not tell if I am intensely inspired by this video or deeply disappointed in my own inability to pull off these wicked tricks.

Where I do see light at the end of this tunnel is the awesome tutorials included in the video.  So often I see YouTube clips of guys executing amazing soccer moves but have no way of analyzing them or seeing the mechanics of the trick.  This video and many others included on the Got Soccer website slow down the action and provide tips for practicing the move at home.  So perhaps with some hard work and focus I might get my wish after all.

I will let you know in April!


2 Responses to “Sheuneenio! – D137”

  1. teeceecounsel November 2, 2012 at 12:08 am #

    Nice post! Simply sweet! I wish you luck with your wish on acquiring the skills with the ball.
    I’ve got my own wishes too:

    • jend1229 November 2, 2012 at 12:12 am #

      Thanks, it is proving to be a greater challenge than I anticipated. There appears to be a large disconnect between what I am telling my feet to do and what they actually can do!

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